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 Productions (Selected)

THe Bustling Whispers
(In Development)

The Bustling Whispers is a documentary theatre, which the research process is supported by the Goethe-Institut Hongkong

With: Yuk Yu Wan (Actor)

          Chung Tat Sham (Sound Designer)

          Eagle Wu (Sound Designer)

Role as curator and producer

A tidal Home (2021)

A Tidal Home is a collectively devised theatre piece staging an urgent and never-heard story of a metropole that resembles Hong Kong and yet is born from our imagination.

Friends, ghosts, lovers, politicians and philosophers face an uncertain future and recall or fantasise about the past glory of a place that can never really be called home.

On the backdrop of an eerily behaving flood, each one wonders: Should I stay? Should I leave? Can I?


Visions, dilemmas and separations bring to the stage how wildly different characters deal with feelings of transience, belong and nostalgia. 

Directed by: Chan Kwun Fee

Written by: Marie Yan

Premiere at Cattle Depot Theatre Hong Kong

Date: July 16th - 20th 2021

Role as creative producer with Anne Tam


Wegen Hegel
(In Post-Production)

Genre: Short Film

Directed by: Popo Fan

Bronze Award of GagaOoLala 2020

Producer: 70 steps

Role as Production Assistant

Artes Moriendi -

Ways of Dying (2018)

Genre: Theatre

Production: Compagnie des Wanderers and A Dog’s Heart Theatre in cooperation with TATWERK | Performative Forschung

Direction: Federico Schwindt
Dramaturgie and Text: Marie Yan (with contributions from the ensemble)

Location: Berlin, Germany


Role as Production Assistant

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