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Co-founder of Dialogues of Oceanus Collaborative Workshop (Hong Kong), producer, curator and researcher

Born and raised in Hong Kong. After her graduation from the University of Hong Kong in French and German, she worked at Ying E Chi, an independent film organisation from Hong Kong, where she coordinated film screenings and Japan Hong Kong Independent Film Festival in Tokyo.

In 2017, she moved to Berlin for her MA in Cultural Studies at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin with a focus on political philosophy and Hong Kong's colonial history. During her stay in Berlin, she curated two film festivals: Berlin Hong Kong Independent Film Festival (2019) and Voices of the Ground: Short Film in Chinese Languages (2021). With her cross-disciplinary experiences and focus on politics, she produced plays related to feminism, refugee issues and racism: “Artes Moriendi” (2018) at Berlin Performing Arts Festival and a play “A Tidal Home” (2021), which was premiered in Hong Kong Cattle Depot Theatre.

She also published two academic articles on the Hong Kong protest in 2019:


In 2018, she attended Film-Philosophy Conference 2018 in Sweden, holding a workshop titled "Global Circulation as Discursive Space: Case Study of Hongkonger & Hong Kong Indie Film in Global Circulation”

She is now working as head of communication and marketing at the European Film Academy.

Previous Projects: ​

Current Project:​​​

  • Screening Project: Waves of Freedom in August 2023

Photo credit: @Claudia Stelar

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